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"The Ultimate Gaming Experience"
Knockerball is one of the fastest growing sports and party events sweeping across the Nation. IT IS THE ULTIMATE GAMING EXPERIENCE! Knockerballs are a single chambered blow up ball with shoulder straps and handles inside the ball and worn like a backpack. That's right! You actually get inside the ball and become the ball. Participants play games that are set up and coached by our team members, bounce and roll around while trying to accomplish the mission or score points for your team. Knockerball is an exciting and memorable experience for all to remember. As fun to watch as it is to play!

Knockerball is an internationally recognized company that has over 300 affiliates across the nation. We are licensed and insured with our focus being on safety and promoting a healthy lifestyle. Are balls are made of TPU which is lighter, more durable, and cooler to enjoy than the polyurethane balls so you can enjoy longer play time without getting tired quickly or overheated on those hot summer days.

"Don't just play ball....Be the ball!"
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